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The Global Nanotechnology Network (GNN) is a platform for addressing global challenges in energy, environment, health care, and public safety.

GNN consists of diverse nanotechnology stakeholders from industry, academia, and government. Based on the principles of universal participation, collective planning, and joint ownership, GNN is dedicated to promoting beneficial collaborations in nano research, education, and networking.

  • Planning Underway for a Pan-American Nanotechnology Network

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    A workshop was held in Rio this September to envisage and plan a Pan-American Nanotechnology Network (PNN), as part of the larger GNN. 

    Co-organized by Dr. Jesus Gonzalez, CIMAV, Mexico and Prof. R.P.H Chang, Northwestern University, US, the event was attended by some 100 people representing academic, industrial, and governmental organizations from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela and two countries outside the region - China and France.

  • Global Team of Scholars Works on Advanced Solar Cells

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    GSAS Scholars from Australia, Taiwan, and the US visit a laboratory at the Univeristy of Newcastle outside SydneyThe Global School for Advanced Studies (GSAS) held its second session on Advanced Solar Cell Research in Sydney, Australia in July 2008.

    The Session assembled talented graduate students and senior experts from Australia, Germany, Taiwan and the US and challlenged them to design an innovative collaborative project that would advance solar cell research.

    GSAS was launched in 2006 with a dual mission to address global research challenges in energy, environment and health, while preparing young researchers from around the world to collaborate effectively with global partners. 

  • GNN Leaders Meet in Washington

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    GNN members and other interested researchers from Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East recently met to discuss the further development of the GNN.

    A planning dinner, held outside Washington, DC in November 2008 during the Global Workshop on Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education, included representatives from France, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

    The group discussed nano initiatives in their respective countries and regions and agreed pursue development of the GNN,



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